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    Trusting in your dental team

    The idea of visiting the dental practice, no matter how friendly the team is, can for most people be a little daunting. The idea of judgements on how good your oral hygiene process really is, or knowing that is lacking and facing the honesty can be tough to swallow. On top of that the thoughts surrounding the equipment or processes behind the dental practice can leave you with a fear or phobia of the whole process. A short visit can become a battle and in time avoiding the practice altogether can become a simple habit. 

    It is easy to fall into the spiral of missing appointments on a regular basis, but as the weeks become months and the months become years, before you know it 10 years have gone by and your oral health has potentially suffered significantly due to the lack of appointments keeping you in check. After all, the regular dental check-up appointments help to educate us on the improvements needed within the daily oral hygiene process. Without these checks, your oral health can deteriorate and the quick check-ups are no longer sufficient, but the need for more extensive treatments or procedures will be engendered. This can then lead to longer and more frequent visits to the practice, something which is not particularly wanted if nervous around the place and on top of that, is a more costly approach. 

    So how can you begin to tackle this nervousness?

    Opening up

    Whilst your dental team does not need to know your deepest, dark secrets, opening up to your dental team and informing them of any concerns you may have surrounding your visit can assist them to help you. Each patient has their own individual reasons as to why they feel uncomfortable around the dental practice. By opening up to the team and uncovering the potential causes behind the fear, it will help the dental staff to approach your appointment in a more helpful way. 

    By keeping the communication open from the receptionist through to your dentist Meath, you are ensuring that you get all the support you need in order to attend your appointment each time. 

    Meeting the team beforehand

    Whether a new dental practice, or there has been quite a long time between appointments, it can in some cases be helpful to meet the dental team beforehand. A simple meet and greet within the practice and a visit to the rooms that you will use can help reduce nerves surrounding the uncertainty of the appointment. Questions can be addressed during this time and a better understanding of what to expect can be covered. 


    It may sound unusual, but for some, having specific music playing throughout their visit can create a sense of calm. It is therefore important to understand that your dental practice is aware of the power of music and is happy to oblige in a variety of ways, including an alteration to the music. By working together and creating a relaxing set-up, both patients and the team are able to reap the benefits of positivity. 

    Getting used to the process

    When it has been some time since your last appointment, the nerves can creep in and take hold. However, by attending regular check-up appointments it can become easier due to the routine approach and greater understanding of what will happen on a biannual or yearly basis.