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    Tips Towards a Successful Corporate Wellness Programme

    Corporate wellness programmes nurture wellbeing at work, including staff safety, and physical and mental health. They aim to help employees deal with personal or work-related problems which may impact them and their performance, while inviting a more pleasant working atmosphere.

    Offering a workplace wellbeing service to your staff is a great way to ensure they feel valued and able to perform their role comfortably.

    Along with this, it will ensure that if any individuals need support or guidance at any point, they have easy access to these services.

    However, while implementing these services are a great start when working on staff wellbeing, there are some steps that you can take to make the service a success.

    If you have implemented a corporate wellness programme, or are looking to, read on to discover some techniques for ensuing that staff are aware of the wellbeing service and are using it to its full potential.

    Make sure people are aware of the service

    Having a workplace health service is a good start to working on employee wellbeing. However, if they aren’t aware of the service, it may not be as successful as you’d like.

    This can happen as new staff join, and aren’t informed of the service, or if a while passes without the service being mentioned. As day-to-day working life can be extremely busy, it may be easy for different services or benefits to be forgotten. Using these kinds of corporate wellness programs, the freshers might get relieved from their new work pressure. These wellness programs also serve in taking care of physical and mental health. Companies could also employ wellness challenges during their training program for the betterment of the employees.

    Reminding HR teams of the service benefits on a regular basis can help improve the visibility of the programme and remind staff that they have support available for their wellbeing at work. It is also a good idea to include promotion of the corporate wellness programme in staff inductions.

    Regular promotion is key. This can easily be achieved through methods such as sending monthly newsletters with practical health and wellbeing tips included.


    In big companies, there are likely to be employees with diverse backgrounds and cultural distinctions. To bridge any communication gaps for those who may find English challenging to read, it’s crucial to provide posters or memos about the wellbeing service in various languages.

    To make the service easily accessible to everyone, incorporating reminders in different media formats is essential. This benefits individuals who are hard of hearing or have visual impairments.

    In addition, when opting for Thrive Wellbeing Services or services from a similar corporate wellness program provider, you can share information about the workplace’s diversity, which can assist them in tailoring services more effectively. This approach not only promotes inclusivity but also encourages more individuals to participate in the program, fostering a workplace that embraces diversity.

    Personalised services

    You or any managers may become aware of individual cases where an employee is struggling with a unique problem.

    If an individual needs a different type of support than their colleagues, then working to find a way around this can help the service to succeed.

    An example of this is a member of staff suffering with anxiety, who may not wish to talk on the phone. This individual could benefit from an initial email service to establish the relationship with the counsellor, and make them feel at ease before they start telephone counselling.

    As you can see, there are several techniques that can help to ensure the success of a corporate wellness program and extend its reach. Employing these tips could greatly improve the wellbeing of staff.