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    The Importance of a Smile in Business

    The topic of whether or not we should smile while working with customers is an issue that has encountered divided opinions. Think about yourself as a customer, remember all the situations you enjoyed someone’s smile and when you didn’t. You probably experienced both situations. On one hand, it feels great when people smile at you and act polite. However, we’ve all been in situations when we felt someone’s smile is totally fake and it would just be better if people were themselves instead of forcing a smile which turned out to be an ugly uncomfortable grimace. Who’s to say what the right thing to do is? Well, as usual, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. You need to develop a skill of knowing when to smile depending on the situation and the general atmosphere. As long as you master that skill, your business is definitely going to thrive.

    Mood changer for employees

    A smile can change the way you feel. This is not a catchphrase, it’s a fact. Smiling has actual health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, boosting our immune system and, most importantly, it causes our organism to release endorphins. These are also called “happy hormones” because they make us fell as happy as when we eat chocolate, for instance. Sometimes, even smiling without an actual reason can cause this reaction, your own smile being the reason your mood improves. This is why it’s important for you to smile, regardless of whether or not you’re working. On the other hand, in terms of business, the happier the employee, the better the business.

    Mood changer for customers

    We talked about the effect a smile can have on our organism. Now, let’s imagine a situation where you have a client coming and, as a representative of the company, you approach them and you smile. If your smile at least seems sincere, the customer will instantly start feeling welcome and relaxed, and will be more willing to use your company’s services just because of one smile. It’s crazy, but it’s true. Just think about the opposite situation, if you encounter a grouch, it is very likely that you’ll simply want to leave and never look back on this company that hires horrible people.

    Smile = beauty

    Well, this is debatable. Business people with pleasant exteriors tend to attract more customers. A pleasant look can include many things such as makeup, hairstyle, facial expressions and gestures. Employees that work with people are advised to wear subtle makeup, neutral colors, a tidy hairstyle and a big smile. In order to have a beautiful smile, one must take care of their mouth hygiene, as well as the appearance of their lips and teeth. If you haven’t been blessed with beautiful teeth, it’s smart to fix them if you work with people. Some Australian companies have really taken this seriously and they take on themselves to fully cover the costs of their employee’s dental procedures. This is why it’s completely normal to visit a cosmetic dentist in Sydney and invest in your own smile for the sake of your business.

    Practice makes perfect

    In order to implement constant smiling into your everyday work routine, you must practice how to do it right. It is harder than it seems as a person needs not only to remember to smile but try and make that smile look as natural as possible. We’ve all seen our fair share of fake smiles in our lifetime and we can often distinguish a real smile from a fake one. On the other hand, we see actors doing a great job convincing us that their smiles are real. That means a natural smile can be practiced and, eventually, mastered.

    A smile opens a million doors. It’s usually true. Of course, if you are able to make most of your smiles seem real, you’ll be a lucky person. However, there will come a time when you don’t feel like it or you simply cannot smile. In that case, it’s better to keep a polite attitude than trying to force a smile that will annoy you and freak your customers out. Try to be yourself in all situations and people will know how to appreciate that.