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    Socialise with friends and family with confidence thanks to dental implants Brentwood

    If you’re looking to find a way to enhance your self-confidence and enjoy the freedom to eat and drink without any fear or hesitation, consider dental implants Brentwood. Not only will dental implants give you a new lease on life, but they can also offer a host of additional benefits to positively impact numerous aspects of your daily life.

    This revolutionary dental treatment can update your smile and replace missing or loose teeth. If you’re longing to correct a gap in your smile or replace some missing teeth, dental implants may be a good solution for you.

    Dental implant surgery will not result in any major pain or discomfort

    Are you the kind of patient who is nervous to have dental treatment? Do you wish to have dental implant surgery but are worried about what will take place during the actual fitting procedure? Fear not, as implantation is clinically proven to be safe and typically performed under local anaesthesia, so you will not be subjected to any major discomfort. Following the surgery, patients have not been known to experience some symptoms, and for any minor discomfort, over-the-counter painkillers can help.

    What are some of the main benefits of choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth?

    Did you know that one of the primary reasons dental implants work so well as a replacement for natural teeth is that they are created to function in a similar way? Not only do the implants appear the same as natural teeth, but they are also replicated to function in the same way. Dental implants offer patients the freedom to drink and eat a variety of foods that they were previously restricted from having due to missing or loose teeth. Implants are also great at improving digestion and can assist with biting and chewing tough foods; this enables patients to enjoy active social lives and dine out with friends and family without worrying about avoiding certain foods.

    Appearance-wise, dental implants look almost identical to natural teeth. Thanks to the advances in modern dentistry, dentists can now colour-match the implants to the patient’s original teeth so that they appear barely noticeable. The colour, size and shape of the teeth can be replicated as well for a truly natural result.

    In addition to improved digestion and the ability to enjoy a variety of foods, dental implants also reduce your chance of having cavities or suffering from gum disease or infection. The implants are made from durable resin that is not susceptible to plaque build-up or tartar like your natural teeth.

    Enjoy improved speech

    Patients with missing teeth may find that they experience difficulty pronouncing certain words. This could be a direct result of their missing teeth since the teeth and tongue work closely together to form certain sounds. You may find that your speech and ability to clearly communicate with friends, family members or even work colleagues may be negatively impacted as a result.

    Thankfully, one of the advantages of having dental implants fitted is that they can correct this problem. Patients can look forward to enjoying improved speech and communication as a result of dental implant surgery.