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    Show your smile some love through smile makeovers in Glasgow

    The all-round best option

    Nowadays, the world of cosmetic dentistry is far more extensive and varied than ever before – which is why choosing smile makeovers in Glasgow is the best option for a great many patients. Often people who are unhappy with the way their smile looks are not entirely certain as to which specific cosmetic dental treatment would best suit their needs. 

    A dentist examining a patient's teeth

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    This is why a smile makeover is the best course of action as you can have your cosmetic dental needs assessed and determined by a highly trained professional who will first take a look at your oral health and condition before presenting you with a list of options which are open to you which meet your specific needs. 

    What is a smile makeover?

    To the untrained eye, the world of cosmetic dentistry can be somewhat of a minefield, with treatments that range from non-invasive to complex dental surgeries. This is why, for those who are unsure about what specific treatment they want, a smile makeover is the recommended course of action. The primary aim of a smile makeover is to enhance and optimise the aesthetics of each and every smile, and as all smiles are unique the treatments which may be used in a smile makeover can vary widely between patients. 

    A dentist examining a patient's teeth

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    When you book in for a smile makeover the first thing which is likely to happen is your dental health will be determined by a qualified dental professional who will examine your oral condition for any signs of gum diseases, gingivitis, decay or dental abscesses. Should any of these be present then the dentist will make sure they are treated initially before then carrying out any cosmetic treatments to enhance how your smile looks. 

    What sort of treatments are included in a smile makeover?

    As mentioned, as no two smiles are the same the types of treatments that a smile makeover may contain vary from patient to patient. However, one of the most common problems which people have with how their teeth look is the colour of their enamel – which is why dental whitening is one of the most popular treatments for those who are undergoing smile makeovers. 

    Dental whitening uses a specialist peroxide-based bleaching agent to brighten and enhance the shade of your enamel and get rid of any marks, discolouration or stains on your teeth. This can either be carried out in one session within the dentist’s chair or from home over the course of a few weeks through an at-home whitening kit. 

    Another popularly sighted dental problem that people often get treated as part of a smile makeover is having overlapping, crowded or minorly crooked teeth. Despite what many people may believe, getting orthodontic help does not necessarily have to result in an impact on your appearance as many practices offer discrete and cosmetic orthodontic options such as Invisalign dental retainers.

    This option allows the patients to address crooked or overcrowded teeth through a treatment that leaves almost no impact on their appeal and is entirely non-invasive, as it is not attached anywhere in their mouth and consists purely of a single custom-made and fitted plastic dental retainer.