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    Reasons to get Invisalign

    For many people, having a smile that is not quite what it should be is very detrimental to their confidence. Sometimes, they find it hard to mix with others and this can have an impact on how successful they are on both a personal and a professional level. Invisalign in Weybridge has a whole host of benefits for the patient that includes feeling much better about their appearance. This can be transformative when it comes to reaching one’s full potential.


    Invisalign stands out as a uniquely personalized and effective option for achieving a straighter smile. It is a treatment offered by Limestone Hills Orthodontics and many other renowned clinics for its efficacy and personalization. What sets Invisalign apart is its innovative approach to teeth alignment – the treatment involves a series of clear, custom-made aligners that are crafted specifically for each patient. This bespoke design ensures a comfortable fit and gradually guides the teeth into their desired position. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, offering a discreet solution for those seeking orthodontic correction.


    Invisalign is the brand name for clear or invisible braces.  They take the form of clear trays that are placed over the teeth for treatment that only the patient needs to know about.  The fact that they are invisible means that anyone who feels self-conscious about having their teeth straightened can rest assured that no one will know.  The patient can get on with their lives without having to excuse or explain the fact that they are having orthodontic treatment. 

    The invisible nature of the braces is great for teenagers and young people who may already worry about how they appear to others, and who are reluctant to get treatment as a result.  It is also a huge plus for people who are getting their teeth straightened in later life, as adults.  They may be embarrassed at others knowing that they have braces at a later stage, and clear aligners remove that difficulty.

    No food is banned

    Some kinds of treatment require the patient to avoid certain types of food or drinks until the braces have been removed.  Clear aligners don’t require any modifications to be made to the diet.  This is because they are removed for eating, thus the patient can continue to enjoy all the same foods as before and even try some new ones!  Provided the teeth are thoroughly brushed after meals, there shouldn’t be any issues in terms of staining in relation to any foods.

    Fast results

    The length of time that is required for treatment with invisible braces to be completed does vary between patients, so it is worth consulting with the dental professional on an individual basis regarding expectations.  These braces usually get results more quickly than more traditional kinds of braces.  Rather than years of treatment, the patient often only has to wait a matter of months.

    Easier to maintain good oral health

    As the braces are removed for mealtimes and the teeth are brushed before they are replaced, it is easier for the patient to keep their teeth and gums in good condition.  This is because there is less chance of food getting stuck in the braces (as can happen with some other options) and of plaque becoming trapped in harder-to-reach places.  It is very important to brush thoroughly before putting the aligners back in, as any food debris that has not been removed can become trapped between the braces and the teeth and potentially cause damage.

    Invisalign is an excellent choice for those who wish to get a much-improved smile without having the worry of others knowing they are getting treatment.