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    Overcoming dental anxiety with your dentist

    If you’re someone who’s suffering from dental anxiety you certainly aren’t alone. Thousands and thousands of people all over the country suffer from feelings of anxiety surrounding the dentist and some are even so anxious that their anxieties have turned into actual phobia. There are some tactics you can use when trying to tackle anxiety and in this post we’re going to examine them.

    Phobia or anxiety – understanding the difference

    Before we look into the things patients can do in order to help themselves, it’s good to have an understanding of exactly what it is that’s going on with your specific case, as the treatment options for phobias and anxiety are slightly different.

    A phobia is a more intense fear than anxiety and can leave you feeling seriously immobilised both mental and physically. If you have a phobia concerning the dentist you might find yourself thinking that you can’t physically go to the dentist or the thought of it leads to a negative physical reaction such as a panic attack. Dental anxiety is different in that you could physically get yourself there, but it would be very stressful for you and would bring up feelings of anxiety and pressure.

    Coping with dental anxiety

    There are some things you can do to help in the fight against dental anxiety and they might well be much simpler than you think.

    Number one – check your dentist out

    If you’re heading to the dentist Luton for the first time you might well want to go ahead of any appointments to check out their surroundings. By nature humans are anxious when it comes to new places so there’s no need to make an already stressful situation worse by making it an occasion for trying out a new place too.

    Number two – book an early slot

    This is a very practical solution in that it’s there purely to make sure you don’t spend a whole day worrying about the appointment, if you get to see your dentist early you can get it all done and dusted before you have time to worry. If you agree with us, then head on to the website of your nearby dentist, which would look like, and book your slot now.

    Number three – take a loved one

    You’re never too old to take someone you love along to the dentist with you. Support from friends and family when we don’t feel good is always the best medicine and you should never be embarrassed to take a helping hand along with you.

    Number four – use distractions

    Take eye masks, earphones, or even stress balls. Whatever practical things you need in order to take your mind off the appointment itself is a good thing. Finding things that will help you remain calm and relaxed is really important, as a stressed body is harder to work with for your dentist.

    Number five – take it slowly

    It’s so much better for you if you make your way to a dentist before an emergency happens. Tackling anxiety when you’re already stressed is going to add unwanted pressure to the situation. If you can get to the dentist for a check-up to kick start things then it’s good to begin small where possible.