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    Is it time to recapture your youth with your dentist?!

    As we age, our skin can start to show tell-tale signs of fine lines and wrinkles. While your mind may still be young, you may find yourself looking in the mirror and seeing your reflection telling a different story. In the UK, facial aesthetics is an industry that has seen growth in recent years. With more people keen to get a fresh and youthful glow, more providers are offering facial aesthetic treatments. However, in a field where training and expertise are unregulated, it can be difficult to ensure that you are going to get the standard of treatment you would expect from somebody administering treatments such as injections.

    However, there is a way that you can get facial aesthetic treatments in the safe environment of a dental practice. Some dentists expand their expertise to include such treatments because of the demand for turning back the hands of time. As dentists are facial anatomy experts, visiting a dentist Liverpool, for example, should be a lot less of a risk than hot-footing it around to Tracy in her front room. Dentists have experience in carrying out delicate procedures and have trained for years in doing so. This is arguably more reassuring than the one or two-day courses that some people undergo before starting their new careers as facial aesthetic experts. So, what are the popular treatments for helping you to look younger? They are anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers.

    Anti-wrinkle treatment

    Anti-wrinkle treatment involves having injections of a solution called botulinum toxin type A. It is considered to be very safe, as it is FDA-approved and made from non-animal sources. The solution is injected into the facial muscles and blocks the nerve endings; this enables the face to relax and the skin to appear smoother and more youthful. The injections only take around 5 to 10 minutes to administer, and the effects can normally be seen for 4 to 7 days afterwards. The results should last for around 3 months before further treatment will be required to maintain the results. There is no downtime required once the treatment has been completed, and it is a great alternative to having a surgical procedure. The injections should be painless as the needles are extremely fine.

    Dermal fillers

    Dermal fillers also involve injections; however, they contain hyaluronic acid gels. The body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, and as we age, the amount we produce reduces. Hyaluronic acid gives the skin elasticity and enables it to appear smooth. However, with less of it, the skin becomes lined and wrinkled. This is why dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid gels. It is injected into the lines and wrinkles and simply plumps up the skin, giving it the boost it needs to appear smoother and more youthful. With dermal fillers, you will need local anaesthesia, but it is also a non-surgical procedure with no downtime required. The great thing about dermal fillers is the fact that you will be able to see the results instantly, so if you have an impatient disposition, you won’t have to wait at all!

    Go forth and rejuvenate!

    If you are keen to get a fresh face and a more youthful appearance, why not find a dental practice offering facial aesthetic treatments to discuss the options available? With a dentist, you can feel reassured that they have the skills and expertise to deliver on the promise of treatment that works and can make you look as young as you feel.