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    Is A 4-Day Business Week Possible for Most?

    There has been a major change seen for many workers over the past year as remote and flexible working options have become more common – this change has led to a growing focus on a changing work-life balance and something that most have been hoping to have for a much longer period of time whether that be to spend more time with the family, more time exploring hobbies on betting sites and games, or more time with the feet up watching a movie. Flexible and remote work hasn’t been the only major change suggested however as business around the world have either started to or have already trialed the possibility of a four-day working week, but is it achievable for most?

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    On the face of it, for now at least, it seems the answer is likely a no as many companies that are currently exploring the possibility of doing a four-day working week are only doing so on a shorter trial basis, but that isn’t to say it can’t spread and become a mainstream option like remote working too – the business that have already explored this option have reported increased productivity and increase employee happiness, and those now doing the trial over a six month period will likely report back on the same and these positive reports will only help further business to try this same option.

    It may also depend on the approach taken – the more popular option chosen by businesses currently has been to simply increase the number of hours worked in a day and to remove one day per week for employees, those who have tried this have noted that the additional two hours per day hasn’t been all that noticeable, but the additional day off during the week certainly has been so whilst not a preferred method for the individual, has been effective still. The other approach has been to cut working hours down but with no adjustment to pay – this has one approach not as common to see, but the same pay for reduced hours is certainly one many employees would like.

    It may become more difficult now to push for too much change as most of the world is returning to normal, and extreme measures for safety may not need to be taken any longer, but as business as a whole continues to shift and there may be the opportunity for a 4-day work week to emerge on a large scale and go hand in hand with the now favored remote working options.

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