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    Invisalign questions answered

    Invisalign in St. Albans is a very popular choice for those wanting to improve their smile.  The teeth straightening treatment is convenient, relatively quick and delivers great results.  This is a guide for anyone who is considering this treatment, explaining what it involves and answering some of the most commonly asked questions from people considering Invisalign.

    What is Invisalign?

    Invisalign is the brand name for clear braces that are used for teeth straightening. They are made from very soft plastic trays that are completely transparent. The trays are custom made for each patient and are also known as aligners. Every few weeks, the aligners are swapped for slightly different ones.  They gently move the teeth over time until they are in the desired position and the patient has achieved the smile that they deserve.

    Can adults get clear braces?

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    Yes! One of the biggest advantages of this treatment is that the aligners are completely invisible, which is ideal for adults seeking to have their teeth straightened.  Those who are already self-conscious about having misaligned teeth do not want the world to know that they are having them corrected; and these braces present the perfect solution to that conundrum.

    Does the patient have to change their diet?

    No! Traditional fixed braces often involve a patient being unable to eat certain foods for fear of negative treatment results. However, this should not be an issue for those opting for clear braces ( because they are designed to be removed when eating. The patient takes out their aligners, eats as normal, then brushes their teeth before replacing the aligners and going about their day. This means that they can eat whatever they like and that they don’t have to make any special concessions at all when it comes to diet.

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    However, it is worth noting that the patient must be careful to wear the aligners for most of the time.  Taking them out throughout the day for frequent snacking, for example, would have a significant impact on the results they could expect at the end of the treatment period.  While there are no restrictions on what can be eaten, the patient should be disciplined about restricting eating (and thus the removal of the aligners) to mealtimes three times a day.

    How long do the braces take to work?

    The length of time that invisible braces need to be worn for will vary from patient to patient.  However, this kind of treatment usually yields results much more quickly than more traditional braces.  Rather than the years associated with fixed braces, clear ones usually do their job within a matter of months.

    Do they hurt?

    Clear aligners are considered to be one of the gentlest ways of straightening the teeth.  Though there may be an element of discomfort, particularly at the beginning of treatment, these braces compare very favourably with metal braces in terms of being comfortable and easy to wear.  Any discomfort can usually be alleviated with paracetamol and ibuprofen, but the patient should find that the aligners are barely noticeable after the initial period.