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    In need of emergency dental treatment?

    If you are experiencing an ongoing toothache or you have accidentally cracked or chipped your tooth whilst eating you can visit an emergency dentist in Southgate who will be able to provide you with urgent treatment. Attending emergency appointments alongside your regular dentist appointments can help ensure that your teeth remain in good health as part of an effective oral care regime.

    Do I really need an emergency appointment?

    Although you may find it difficult to distinguish what is considered an emergency. There are a number of instances that it may be advisable to book an emergency appointment.

    If you have experienced a severe dental injury such as accidentally knocking out one of your teeth which has resulted in losing a large amount of blood or a toothache which is resistant to painkillers, booking an emergency appointment at your local dentist as soon as the incident occurs minimises the risk of serious medical complications along with preventing long term dental complications. Whilst experiencing any type of dental injury it is important that you try to stay calm and seek urgent medical attention. For that, however, you would need to keep the number of an urgent care provider handy. For instance, you can keep the contact number of Associates in Family Medicine handy. They are known to offer urgent care Fort Collins CO.

    Anyway, other circumstances where you may feel like you need an emergency include losing crown or filling, breaking your braces or even losing a veneer.

    These instances are all known to be inconvenient and can be painful, however they may not be serious enough for an emergency appointment. It is advised however that an appointment should be booked at your local dentist as soon as possible for faster treatment and peace of mind.

    What can I expect from an emergency dental appointment?

    When you visit an emergency dentist, they will assess the injury or issue, relieve you of any pain you are in and provide the best possible treatment as urgently as possible. The dentist will be able to provide not only a diagnosis and treatment but also post-procedure recovery advice. An example of this is if a patient is experiencing wisdom tooth pain and has undergone an extraction; the dentist will be able to provide a solution through the removal of the affected tooth and offer advice for wisdom tooth removal recovery in the prescription too.

    Unable to see your local dentist?

    If you are unable to visit an emergency dentist and you are in need of urgent dental treatment, NHS 111 are available to put you in touch with an available dental service. Another option is to contact the accident and emergency department at the nearest hospital. At the A&E department, staff will also be able to provide pain relief and also determine the most necessary treatment.

    So if you ever experience a dental injury, you can rest assured that there is always an emergency treatment available for your needs.