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    How to refresh your smile

    It is becoming an increasing desire in our society to pursue a smile which is aesthetically what we wish for. There are many possible reasons this desire is instilled in a person. Maybe you are aware that your teeth are crooked or gapped and in turn this affects your confidence. Perhaps you have stained teeth brought on by an illness, smoking, or which have been darkened by food and drink. If you are someone who is looking for a way to refresh their smile, then you are probably looking for a cosmetic dentist in Glasgow who can help you to achieve a smile you can have confidence in.

    Cosmetic dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry often refers to dental treatment which helps to improve the look of someone’s smile. This may refer to teeth straightening or whitening methods, gum reshaping, veneers or composite bonding. It can be difficult to know where to start or what treatment you may wish to undergo to achieve your desired outcome. In such circumstances, a dentist can offer a smile makeover which allows a patient to discuss their requirements with a qualified practitioner. When they have formed an idea of what your ideal outcome is, they can use X-rays, photographs and sometimes models to give you an idea of what they can do for you, and which treatments might be most appropriate in your case.

    It can be noted that cosmetic dentistry sometimes goes hand in hand with other branches of dental treatments. When we are thinking about this in terms of teeth straightening, often orthodontic treatment can be an appropriate option to look into. There are a couple of possible options for teeth straightening which dentists are known to offer. These are fixed braces (using either white or metal brackets) and Invisalign clear aligners.

    Invisalign aligners

    Clear aligners have the same goal as fixed braces, but are removable and use a different method to achieve it. When you opt for Invisalign from Northview or from anywhere else, you will have to wear one after the other because they come in series, and not in a single piece. The slight differences in each aligner are what progressively move the teeth to their position of greater alignment.

    Fixed braces

    Fixed braces are a series of brackets, one attached per tooth, with a wire that clips onto them. Through tension in the wire and adjustments made, the teeth move slowly from their initial position to an optimal one.

    Benefits of orthodontics

    Choosing to realign the teeth is a long-term investment not only in the look of your smile, but also in your oral health. Where teeth are straighter and less crowded, it is possible to have better oral hygiene due to being able to reach more of the surface of the tooth, and you may also have increasing success in flossing.

    Teeth whitening

    There are a couple of avenues that can be explored when looking into brightening up your smile; one of them is teeth whitening. This treatment can be advantageous for those who find themselves covering up their smile behind their palms every now and then. Perhaps they have stained teeth, which is taking away from their confidence. The best way to tackle this problem, therefore, is to opt for teeth whitening from south kitsap dentistry or wherever you live.

    What are the next steps?

    If you are interested in further information on any of the above treatments, or would like to find out more about other services dentists are able to offer, get in touch with your preferred practice. A dentist will be able to discuss these things with you at greater length in person or over the phone. Talk to an expert.