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    How to know if you’re ready for fillers

    If you’re contemplating dermal fillers Kent then you really want to be asking yourself some questions in preparation for this. Think of it as internal research ahead of the work. It’s very common for people to jump into cosmetic procedures without really taking the time needed to check in with whether or not this is actually something they want to be doing or not. In order to make sure you are entering a cosmetic procedure for the right reasons or healthy reasons, there are a few questions you can ask yourself in order to provide yourself with the information you need to make a balanced decision.

    What are you trying to achieve?

    When setting out on your dermal filler journey you want to be checking in first and foremost with what it is you’re wanting to achieve through the fillers. Setting yourself expectations means you’ll have a clear idea to share with your cosmetic practitioner and so together you can come up with a plan to ensure you’re getting the results you want.

    When setting your expectations it’s important you are grounded and realistic. If you want to, for example, make big changes to the size of your lips it might be a good idea to devise a plan about how long you’ll take to achieve the end result. It perhaps isn’t the safest or wisest to try and achieve everything in one sitting.

    Why do you want filler?

    When looking at why there are a couple of things you need to question.

    Firstly, what is it that’s making you want to change an element of your facial structure? Is it that you’ve seen a particular look on someone else that you think is more aesthetically pleasing and you want to change yourself in order to look more like that? Or do you feel pressure from social media and general beauty standards? If so it’s important you really clock in with whether this cosmetic procedure is just a plaster for larger issues and that once you’ve completed this you’ll be looking for yet another issue you want to physically fix.

    Secondly, why at this time in your life do you think that dermal filler is the right thing to have? Sometimes when we’re going through something in our life whether that be personal or professional such as a loss or redundancy we try to put our feelings to bed by covering them with other distractions or issues. This is very common and often goes unnoticed. However, this can be unwise when we start to make changes that are going to affect our looks in the long term. Rushing into a cosmetic procedure could leave you feeling different in a way that you don’t want to.

    Have I waited long enough?

    As already mentioned humans can be impulsive creatures and it’s important before committing to the treatment that you really give yourself enough time to mill over your choice. Give yourself a minimum of six weeks before booking the appointment, and if you can, even longer. Good things come to those who wait.