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    How Much Preparation is Needed for the SAT?

    Like any exam, the amount of preparation differs from person to person. However, as a rule of thumb, the normal period needed is anywhere from 3 to 6 months, during which time there should be regular tutoring and revision. This is to ensure that you are correctly mastering the knowledge that you require so that you become much more comfortable with the exam and score well.  Working closely with an A-List SAT tutor in London can help you fit the preparation and the official exams into your schedule. In London, A-List offers one-on-one personal tutoring as well as intensive Bootcamps.

    How Does Environment Contribute to Learning?

    Creating an ideal study environment is an important part of the process. Working with an SAT tutor who understands the test can help you put in place the conditions you need to study and succeed. We can also create exam conditions in our office so you can practice the exam without becoming distracted in any way.


    Self-discipline for exam preparation can be difficult, and it is sometimes hard to know the exact techniques that are right for you to prepare as effectively as possible. This is why attending a Bootcamp can be a fantastic way to kick-start your preparation and improve on your grade. It is also a great opportunity to speak to other students going through the same process. These Bootcamps are run by our SAT tutoring experts who have attended top US universities.

    Will the SAT Bootcamp Improve my Score?

    Though there is no guarantee that a Bootcamp will improve your score we are delighted that many students start to see a marked improvement after this training. Dedicated students with a positive attitude often see their scores improve dramatically.  A Bootcamp will also equip you with the skills to revise in your own time, so you will be able to prepare better for an official exam.

    Is the Bootcamp Necessary in Order to get a Good Score?

    The Bootcamp is not essential but you should plan to prepare for the SAT with a professional at some point. The Bootcamp is an intense, but time efficient way, to get essential skills for boosting your exam score. It will help you begin to understand the nature of the SAT and what you need to do to earn the score you want.  Also, it can be more fun and rewarding to work in a group with your peers. 

    Events and Further Preparation

     A-List hosts events throughout the year to help you understand the US admissions process and what you can do to prepare your applications.  These events introduce you to all components of the process and can make you feel confident and more prepared to study in the US.