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    How missing teeth can be replaced in the most natural way

    For people with missing teeth, it can be a really distressing situation. They can feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smile, plus missing teeth can lead to further oral health issues, as well as speech and chewing difficulties. While there are replacement options such as dentures, crowns, and bridges that can cater for missing teeth, there is also a treatment that can ensure these options are fixed into your mouth permanently, rather than having to remove them. Implants Sheffield provide a treatment that could revolutionise your smile and keep your mouth healthy and happy.

    How do dental implants work?

    Dental implants involve a dentist attaching little screws to your jawbone, where you have missing teeth. The gums heal around the screws, so that they become firmly fixed into your mouth. To these screws, the replacement teeth may then be attached and the result is a natural looking smile. Not only that, but your smile should function naturally too as you won’t have to remove your teeth or do anything special to take care of them. You will simply need to brush and floss as normal, and you can continue to eat and drink whatever you choose, without having to be concerned about dislodging your replacement teeth.

    Why should I choose dental implants instead of other options?

    Dental implants are not really an either/or option. Whichever treatment you have, you will be using either crowns, bridges or dentures to replace your missing teeth, protecting your other natural teeth in the process from being over-exposed to bacteria and developing further issues, if you have natural teeth remaining. You are also protecting the gums from exposure to bacteria as well, enhancing your oral health in doing so. The great thing about dental implants, however, is the fact that they enable your replacement options to stay in your mouth permanently and if you take care of them properly by cleaning your teeth and going to your dentist for routine check-ups, then you could have your implants for a lifetime! It’s a great reason to get excited about having dental implants!

    Another bonus of having dental implants may be the fact that they can make you look younger, without the need for going under the knife! Sometimes, when you have missing teeth, your face can lose its structure and become aged. By filling in the gaps, where you have missing teeth, you may find that the skin becomes less lax and lined, giving you a fresh faced appearance that is more youthful.

    By replacing missing teeth, you could also see an improvement in your speech, and ability to chew, and you could have a reduction in jaw pain as a result. Having dental implants doesn’t require major surgery, so the benefits are certainly worth the local anesthetic you would need to have them applied. You can consult a doctor for dental implants Red Deer, or for another place to get an appointment to discuss the procedure of having them fitted. The first will be to have the screws installed and temporary replacement teeth attached. The second appointment would then be after the gums have healed and when your dentist would attach the permanent replacement teeth for you, giving you that natural-looking smile!

    Find an implant dentist

    If you would like to have dental implants, then the best thing you can do is contact a dentist who offers this treatment and go to see them to discuss the treatment options. During a consultation, they will examine you and advise you about whether or not dental implants would be suitable. If you go ahead with dental implants, you can have a fabulous smile that looks and acts like a natural one!