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    Have you had your virtual reality experience in London yet?

    Life is difficult and we all need time to relax and unwind. Often we read a book, watch a movie or watch box sets. Many of us go to the theatre, the pub or out for a bite at a restaurant. Now you can unwind by having a virtual reality experience in London.

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    Fantasy comes to life

    Reading a book or watching a movie on a screen gives us an experience, but we are always on the outside looking in. A good book or movie can draw us in and immerse us in the story, but it cannot make the reader or the viewer part of the story. As a spectator neither the reader nor the viewer plays a part or can influence the outcome of what is being read or viewed. The senses- provoking encounter of seeing and touching objects cannot be experienced by reading a book or watching a movie. It is possible to walk through a virtual field or building, while a book allows us to experience the author or film director’s view, but never our own. A virtual reality experience allows us to explore an imaginary world for ourselves, without the influence of a director or author. As part of the story we are one with the whole 3D experience.

    Involve friends and relatives

    Virtual reality is available to be shared with friends and family. It is possible to make a day of it and to involve everyone in a fun event to celebrate a special occasion, like a birthday. Children are normally able to attend, but often they must be between the ages of ten and seventeen and if so must be accompanied by an adult. Combining virtual reality happenings with drinks and a meal makes the immersive experience an all inclusive one.

    Technology continues to explore

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    Technology is not asleep, research and development continue at a fast pace with new concepts appearing regularly. The challenge is to keep offering customers an experience that they will want to continue to experience. As the software and hardware becomes more advanced, the whole thing becomes more realistic. The smartphone suddenly developed from the huge portable, but cumbersome, phone that first appeared. Each year the day-to-day technology that we use has become more and more sophisticated. Virtual reality has also seen amazing developments over the past few decades. The systems that were introduced in the past where individuals could play games such as tennis by hand movement have now become old technology.

    Relaxing the modern way

    The twenty-first century has produced a different kind of individual, one who sees work as an essential element of life just like our ancestors, but relaxation now takes a different form. Going to the gym and breakout rooms are some of the ways that modern human beings find relaxation. Virtual reality is the latest form of immersive relaxation that settles nicely with the former two. No longer are we happy to come home and kick off our shoes and have a beer, the twentieth century human wants to be stimulated by excitement!