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    Get In The Know: Trade Show Booth Trends You Can’t Afford To Miss

    Setting up a trade show booth at a live marketing event offers ample opportunity to expand the reach of your business brand. However, in order to truly capitalize on the impact your exhibits will have on your live audience du jour, you have to make sure your trade show booth has what it takes to captivate and compel even the toughest event attendee. The best way to guarantee that your exhibits deliver, no matter who happens to pass by? Tap into some of the very latest trends with your design to deliver long-lasting marketing return on investment.

    Top Trends You Should Include In Your Customized Trade Show Booth

    When you’re ready to start conceptualizing your trade show booth, consider these important trends to help maximize impact:

    Keep It Sleek And Sophisticated: When designing your exhibit, think long, sleek lines as opposed to overly complicated curves. Keeping the overall shape of the exhibit simple and sophisticated will lend a welcoming vibe to everyone passing by. All exhibition booths by Interglobal Exhibits are beautifully designed and custom made for each trade show.

    Include Lounge Spaces: Gone are the days when attendees were constantly being shuffled in and out of the exhibits. Instead, today’s trends demonstrate that it’s not only important to make guests want to hang around; but it’s important to give them a space to hang around in. Creating your exhibits with lounge spaces can give your visitors all the room needed to get comfortable and stay awhile.

    Have Meeting Space Available: Today’s trends also prove that lounge space isn’t the only thing you should consider in your booth footprint; many entrepreneurs are also including meeting areas as well. What’s the theory behind having a meeting room? You may miss out if you wait until a post-event meeting to discuss prospective clients’ needs at length; having a meeting area will enable you to capitalize on some of your warmer leads, real-time. Of course, just having the room to meet in isn’t enough; you’ll also want to equip your booth with all the technology (laptops, tablets, flat screens) to prove to your guests that you are a professional and well-established entity.

    Use Visual Textures: Yes, you will always want to include your brand identity and specific color palette throughout the trade show booth; however, you don’t have to let your brand colors limit the visual impact of your stand. Consider including various visual textures (think fabric, wood, etc.) to offer an esthetic texture that commands attention in even the biggest live marketing event. As well as all that, stick to some of the old classics. For example, get some quality mannequins for rent and use them to display your fashion, brand merchandise, or even signage. After all, these methods are considered classics for a reason. If Ronald McDonald is still going strong, then what more proof do you need that it works?

    Working With A Professional Design Team Offers Unparalleled Results

    Of course, when designing a quality trade show booth, there are some strategies that always rise above the trends. Case in point: working with a professional designer throughout the customization process. Oftentimes, business owners assume that creating a live marketing exhibit is like other marketing mediums; something that they can manage in-house. However, modern business owners know that the best way to truly tap into whatever is currently en vogue is to partner with a professional team of creative experts. They can quickly help you leverage visual impact that directly translates into sustainable marketing momentum.