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    Extensive planning is the key to success

    There is always an element of hesitation and doubt during any surgical procedure, even when the success rate of this procedure is said to be up to 98%. Once people understand what the procedure entails, they are more likely to become relaxed in competent and confident professional hands.

    Southampton dental implants ensures that every one of their patients is statistically suitable for this procedure, by asking essential information about their patient’s medical and dental history, their lifestyle, their habits and what their smile goals are, regarding the final results of this treatment.

    A thorough examination of the patient’s mouth coupled with numerous digital scans, X-rays, impressions and photographs will be taken of the teeth and mouth. This will give the dentist a good idea of their patient’s current oral health condition and what kind of treatment will be best suited to ensure maximum comfort and outstanding results that are able to last a lifetime.

    With the use of innovative and modern machinery that has been specifically designed for such procedures, dentists are able to accurately plot the location of the implant screw which will ultimately improve the chances of success, minimise healing time and be naturally fitting and more comfortable in the mouth.

    How does the treatment plan work?

    During the initial consultation, the dentist will have an informal chat with their patients to determine whether this treatment is right for them and to answer any questions, concerns or queries that the patient may have regarding the entire treatment process.

    Should initial background information and discussion prove positive, all necessary scans and photographs will be taken so that dentists can plot, with the help of dedicated software, what the treatment plan will likely be.

    Costs for the whole procedure can be quoted at this stage, once the dentist understands if there are any additional factors that need to be accounted for. It is important to consider any underlying health concerns before treatment takes place for the greatest likelihood of success.

    Such concerns as gum disease or tooth decay should be treated before implants are inserted. Patients should be made aware of the risks that are associated with smoking and other lifestyle choices.

    By providing a bespoke service that addresses each individual’s needs personally, patients can rest assured knowing that their personal needs are always attended to and that the best possible result is being created for them.

    Placement of the implant itself is essentially simplified by the detailed and extensive planning that has taken place beforehand. An incision is made into the gum and a socket is gently made in the precise location for the titanium screw to be placed into.

    With the use of specialised equipment, the procedure leaves minimal impact on the body and extensive healing time is given, to allow the bone and surrounding soft tissues to fuse with the material of the implant screw, to ensure strength and longevity.

    A natural looking and fully functional crown will then be placed onto the screw to remain in place for life. A great alternative to false teeth, patients can enjoy confidence in their smile again.