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    Endless Meetings and Business Dinners: Rising to the Fitness Challenge

    You have endless business meetings planned. That’s great for your company but bad news for your fitness routine. Meetings and dinners are necessary but staying fit and feeling great matters too. Here’s how to rise to the fitness challenge.

    Don’t Skip Breakfast

    It’s not that breakfast is the most important meal, but it’s so important because it’s the first meal of the day. Skipping breakfast is similar to seeing how far you can go in a car running on fumes. It’s bad for the car and an unwise decision. Therefore, don’t skip breakfast and keep your mind and body energized throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening hours.

    Drink More Water

    It’s difficult to drink too much water. Most of us need to drink more water and neglect the importance of hydration. Try to drink eight glasses of water per day. Since that is a bit inconvenient, purchase a larger water bottle and carry it around with you. Some are fitted with filtration systems so you don’t have to worry about finding filtered or bottled water.

    Take the Stairs

    Stairs are your friend when traveling on business. Anytime you can burn more calories versus taking the easy route will counter the physical laziness that occurs on a business trip. Those who opt for elevators and short cab rides are putting themselves at a disadvantage. Never take an escalator when you can walk up the stairs.

    Snack on Substance

    Don’t opt for fast or salty snacks that are good tasting but not good for you. Alternatively, snack on foods that have substance such as nuts. It will help you feel full and energized between meals. Otherwise, snacking on high-calorie foods can work against your fitness goals, especially when neglecting your regular exercise routine. If you’re suddenly hungry and about to make a rash eating decision, you can always ask someone at the front desk of the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.

    Don’t Trust Food Labels

    Food manufacturers hire savvy marketers to make products sell. The health food industry is booming but it’s not always to the advantage of consumers. Watch for foods and snacks that are labeled diet, low-fat, etc. Just because the packaging mentions it’s healthy, it doesn’t mean it’s actually good for your body and fitness pursuits. Get used to reading ingredients and ensuring you’re consuming natural ingredients and more plant-based foods.

    Keep Squeezing

    There is a lot of health benefits to those who continue to work their muscles while standing, sitting, and walking. For examples, you can work on your abs while walking by keeping them flexed. Hold your muscles taut while walking, remembering to flex your thigh and butt too. It’s a small tip that can make a big difference if you remember to do it while resting.

    Buy Groceries

    Don’t rely on moods and eating-out to stay healthy and satiated. Locate a health food store and grab your prepared foods or staples to whip-up a healthy dish at home. If you’re not used to cooking or have limited time, look for simple recipes online you can utilize while traveling.