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    Different options for dental alignment with your dentist Fulham

    Dental alignment is one of the most commonly sought-after cosmetic dental procedures. If you are looking to improve the alignment of your teeth and achieve a beautifully straight smile, you can speak to your dentist Fulham and find out about the different procedures that may be available for you.

    Clear aligners for straightening teeth

    Ever since the introduction of Invisalign in 1999, the last two decades have seen a huge demand for dental alignment among adults; this is because Invisalign and other clear aligner systems are able to improve the alignment of teeth very discreetly. Such orthodontic devices are comfortable to wear and highly convenient in that you can remove them from your mouth and replace them as necessary.

    More and more people have opted to straighten their teeth, all thanks to clear aligners such as Invisalign and ClearSmile. As their names suggest, these devices are almost invisible when worn and can straighten your teeth without drawing any unwanted attention to your mouth. If your teeth are crooked or misaligned, you can speak to your dentist and find out about straightening your teeth using clear aligners.

    Discreet braces

    If you have more complicated orthodontic issues, you may wish to find out about fixed braces to straighten your teeth. Fixed braces can be attached to the surface of your teeth to provide a constant force that pushes your teeth into a neater formation. Your dentist will be able to offer you discreet fixed braces by ClearSmile that work in the same way as traditional orthodontic braces; however, the components are designed to be less visible and blend in with your natural dentition. This includes brackets that are clear or tooth-coloured with invisible wires where possible so that you do not draw unwanted attention to your mouth.

    If you are looking for further subtlety, then lingual braces may be another option for you. Lingual braces by ClearSmile are completely invisible from the outside of your mouth as they can be attached behind your teeth and work in the same way as traditional braces using brackets and archwires to force your teeth into a neater formation.

    Advantages of straightening teeth

    Whether you choose to align your teeth with fixed braces or removable aligners, your dentist Fulham will make sure that it is the right option for you. Dental alignment has significant advantages for your dental health; not only is it carried out for aesthetic purposes, but it can also reduce the chances of cavities, tooth decay and gum disease developing. When your teeth are neatly aligned, there is less chance of bacteria and food particles lingering in your mouth, reducing the amount of plaque that builds up on your teeth. This means your teeth are free of bacteria, promoting fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums.

    Speak to your dentist today and undergo a smile assessment as well as a comprehensive oral examination so that you can decide on the right way of straightening your teeth and achieving excellent aesthetic results and health benefits.