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    Diet Tips from A Dentist in Liverpool For Improving Oral Health

    The human body is a complex engine and like all machines it needs fuel or in this case food, to keep running. But, did you know the types of food and drink you consume can have quite a detrimental effect on your teeth?

    For example, things like sugary drinks can cause decay from the sugars reacting with the plaque in your teeth to create an acid that will attack the protective enamel layers. So, if you’re interested in keeping your chompers healthy then why not try a few of the following changes to your diet.

    Drink more water

    As we mentioned above, sugary drinks can take quite a toll on your teeth, so why not try swapping that can of pop for a glass of water. Try to drink at least one glass of water a day at first, then slowly ramp it up from there.

    If you still are craving something sugary, then try lowering the amount of damage caused on your teeth by keeping it to one 150ml glass of either fruit juice or a smoothie per day, preferably during mealtimes.

    Cut back on smoking

    Another of the main causes of tooth decay and poor health is smoking. Having that cheeky smoke at work may relax you, but in the long run all it’s doing is staining your teeth, causing bad breath and increasing your chances of gum disease and other serious health problems your dentist will advise you about.

    There are various NHS programmes to help quit smoking if you’re struggling.

    Lower alcohol consumption

    Just like smoking, alcohol can substantially damage your teeth. Periodontal problems are particularly common for those that drink more than the recommended intake of alcohol per week in ‘binge sessions’ as the enamel is worn away leading to the need for fillings. Plus, things like wine and cocktails can lead to staining of the teeth.

    If you can, try to reduce the amount of alcohol you have when you go out. But, if you must have a drink then try to keep things to a minimum, have one glass of wine instead of four or a soft drink instead of a shot.

    Change your diet

    There is a lot of sugar in the things we eat and the key to staving off tooth decay is to create a balanced diet that still allows you to have those sugars. This is managed by just simply changing the types of things you eat and the portion size.

    For example, try to introduce more fruit and vegetables along with more starchy foods like bread, potatoes and pasta. Proteins like fish, eggs and some dairy foods are also great.

    So, to improve your oral health game, why not mix up your daily diet by making a few changes to your routine. It doesn’t have to be a major overhaul, just a few fixes here and there can have quite the positive effect over time.