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    Dentist in Ipswich your personal oral hygiene defender!

    Caring for your teeth and gums is not something that you can do on your own. Keeping tooth decay at bay requires a real team effort. Quest Dental Care Ipswich is here to educate and guide you so that your teeth and gums do not succumb to oral damage caused by bacteria.

    A very precious asset

    Your adult teeth are the only set you are going to get once your baby teeth have gone. Your teeth are different shapes and sizes to perform a variety of different functions in your mouth. Of course they help you to chew your food so that your stomach can digest what you have eaten. They also help you to speak and pronounce words by allowing you to make different sounds. They also are vital to creating the shape of your face and allow you to produce a snarl or a smile.

    Your dental needs, covered!

    Your dentist in Ipswich will thoroughly check your mouth for any tooth decay, mouth cancer, or any damage to your teeth such as chips and cracks. Your gums are susceptible to disease if your oral hygiene is irregular and not properly done. Their hygienists will remove any plaque that has built up and advise you on how to reduce plaque build up. The entire team is dedicated to helping patients retain a healthy mouth. They will design a treatment plan designed especially for you. As we have evolved, we have created new equipment and techniques and dentistry has been a benefactor of this evolution. To stay current, the team regularly attends seminars and training on the latest developments in dentistry. This allows them to confidently provide you with the best treatments available.

    All ages treated

    It doesn’t matter how old you are, this team has the knowledge and expertise to treat you. If you are a parent they would like to see your children, the earlier the better. Bring them in when you have an appointment, this will help them to develop a relaxed approach to their dentist visits. For their more mature patients they are happy to provide dentures, bridges, crowns and the more permanent tooth replacement procedure of dental implants.

    Cosmetic dentistry

    The term cosmetic can be a bit misleading because teeth straightening does more than just improve your smile. When you have Straighter teeth the number of places in your mouth where bacteria can develop is reduced. Some patients suffer from a speech impediment caused by misaligned teeth and this can be rectified with dental braces and aligners. Dental veneers not only cover chips and cracks but can give your teeth a more even bite and also remove places where bacteria can grow. Of course straighter, even teeth will allow you to produce a broader more confident smile which also enhances your self-esteem.

    A few facial features making you feel down?

    Dentists receive extensive training in anatomy and administering injections. To complement the treatments that they offer to maintain your teeth and gums and enhance your smile, this practice offers facial aesthetic treatments. Their training and knowledge allows them to offer safe non-surgical facial anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments in their well appointed treatment rooms. Not only can they help you to smile but they can help you to smile with a youthful glow.