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    Dental implants in Richmond

    At the majority of dental clinics where dentists and hygienists ply their trade, dental implants are available. Dental implants may be an option for patients who have lost a tooth through an incident and need a form of emergency dentistry. Dental implants in Richmond vary from fixing dentures, to something as small as a missing tooth. If you have lost a tooth, despite it seeming minor, it can lead to a lack of confidence and can affect your daily routine including eating. The problem can be solved swiftly by placing a titanium implant into the jaw, replacing the original tooth root; a subtle tooth coloured crown is then adhered. Missing multiple teeth can be a more complex case, an implant-retained bridge contains tooth-coloured crowns and is attached to several implants, which can be completed within a few appointments. If you have lost all of your teeth, dentures may be a long term option, as they prevent jaw deterioration.

    The length of treatment time varies depending on the severity of each individual case, typically the crowns are adhered 3-6 months after the implants are placed, the healing time after treatment and the possible preparatory time should be considered.

    Cosmetic treatments available at the dentist in Richmond

    Cosmetic dentistry as a general term is used to describe dentistry that aims to enhance the overall appearance of your smile, generally focussing on the colour, position and alignment of the teeth. A smile makeover is a treatment that a lot of practices use in order to assess the best possible treatments available, cosmetic dentistry uses a lot of treatments that aim to achieve a more natural smile. Teeth whitening and porcelain or ‘white’ fillers aim to reduce discolouration and opt for a more discreet approach. Gum contouring is an option our patients may choose if they wish to level out their teeth. Altering the shape of the gums can lengthen the teeth and create a more perfect appearance.

    A porcelain veneer is a thin attachment that is placed on top of the tooth to create a whiter, more natural appearance. Porcelain veneers are a simple way to whiten and improve the appearance of your teeth, with minor interference.

    Financial concerns

    Upfront costs for dental treatments can be overwhelming, however there are alternative ways to pay for your treatment. Financing options are available to avoid paying the full cost in one lump sum and instead pay monthly. Patients are in full control in the way that they pay for their treatment, and all financial concerns can be dealt with in an initial consultation. Choosing a practice with a high standard of quality may come with a high price. However undergoing major dental procedures is a serious business, and requires highly qualified dental professionals. It is essential to achieving peace of mind to place themselves in the hands of a competent professional when it comes to a patient’s results and their dental health.

    How do I book an initial appointment? A lot of dentists in Richmond offer an online booking service, some may require their patients to call and book an appointment directly, however some may offer an online booking service. Many practices offer initial consultations in order to ease any nervous patient’s anxiety and help to allay their concerns.