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    Are you unhappy with your smile?

    Having straight teeth and a perfect smile is a desire of many. Although some people have been lucky to be born with straight teeth, there are others who may not have the smile they want due to dental imperfections such as crowded or crooked teeth.

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    If you are someone who has always wanted straight teeth but are unsure of what orthodontic treatment to get, why not book a consultation at your local dental practice, where an experienced dental professional will be able to provide you with more information about orthodontic treatment. A modern alternative to straightening your teeth which is popular with adult patients is Invisalign in Plymouth.

    An introduction to orthodontics

    Orthodontics is the area of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of an individual’s teeth through treatment. Orthodontic treatment is able to correct and treat dental imperfections such as closing a gap or multiple gaps and correcting crooked or crowded teeth along with the misalignment of a person’s bite. One of the most common orthodontic treatments used to straighten teeth is traditional metal braces, and they are often used for children once their adult teeth have come through.

    Although traditional metal braces are commonly used by children and teenagers, there are also many adults who opt to look into things like what braces cost and have orthodontic treatment for straighter teeth, either because they weren’t given the opportunity to correct their teeth as a child or they developed dental imperfections later on in life. Because of this, there have been significant advancements in dental technology which has allowed there to be alternative orthodontic treatment to traditional metal braces.

    A modern alternative to traditional metal braces

    Invisalign is a unique teeth straightening system in that it uses 3D technology to create bespoke aligners which are used through the treatment to slowly shift your teeth into the desired position.

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    For this treatment, you are first invited to have a free consultation in order to determine whether the treatment is suitable for you. Invisalign can be used to correct both minor and complex dental issues. At the consultation, you can expect to have your teeth examined in order to determine your specific dental needs. This will consist of photographs and x rays of your teeth and your facial structure. This will allow an accurate step by step treatment plan for your teeth using the 3D technology which will also be able to show you how your teeth will look following the treatment. You will be able to discuss any concerns you may have along with other important information such as treatment costs and payment plans.

    One of the main benefits of Invisalign which makes it a popular choice with adult patients is that the aligners are both clear and removable. This means that throughout the course of the treatment others will not know you are undergoing orthodontic treatment and you can also remove the aligners to eat and maintain your usual oral care regime. You are, however, required to wear the aligners for a minimum of 20 hours a day.