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    Are you after straighter teeth?

    Every year thousands of people visit their dentist to find out what they can do about their crooked teeth. Whether you are investigating orthodontics Navan for yourself because you can no longer stand your crooked smile, or for your child because their adult teeth have started coming through at angles, there is a solution that will leave you and your child with  straight smiles that you love.

    What can go wrong when your adult teeth come through?

    Even if your baby teeth were impeccably straight there is no certainty that your adult teeth will be the same. There are all sorts of issues that can arise when adult teeth come through, from overcrowding and overlapping teeth to gapped, uneven teeth. If you suffer from overcrowding then it is likely that you will need to have a tooth or a couple of teeth removed before you undergo any straightening treatment, as there needs to be enough room in your mouth for your teeth to move into their new positions without any difficulties.

    On the other hand, you could have an under or overbite, or your teeth may just be spread out with several small gaps between them. If you need to realign your bite then this will be done before you have your braces fitted, as to achieve a straight and even smile your jaw needs to be in the right place first.

    What are the different types of treatments available?

    These days there are several different types of teeth straightening treatments available. If you are worried about which appliance is most suited to your situation then your practitioner will be able to offer advice and guidance at your consultation appointment. Whilst most types of braces can correct a majority of problems, there are some appliances that are not able to correct crooked teeth if the situation is too severe and you may not have a choice as to which treatment you have.

    Traditional braces are one of the most commonly used types of braces. They give complete control to your dental practitioner when it comes to moving your teeth and they are capable of correcting even the most complex of problems. Attached to your teeth via metal brackets, you are sometimes able to have coloured bands fixed onto the brackets to give your braces a more colourful appearance. You will have a bracket attached to each tooth, and these brackets will be connected by a thin metal wire, which is what enables your teeth to be moved into their new positions over time as it is tightened, giving you straight teeth.

    If you like the idea of traditional braces but wish that there was a less visible option for you to choose, ceramic braces might be the treatment you opt for. Working in exactly the same way as traditional braces, they too are attached to your teeth by brackets that are joined together with a wire. Ceramic braces, however, have completely clear brackets and clear wire to match. This gives the braces a much more subtle appearance and will stop you having reservations about having braces because of their obvious nature.

    Other treatments such as Invisalign are becoming more popular, as these clear aligners give you the opportunity to be able to remove your braces for eating, teeth cleaning and those precious moments that matter most, such as a family photograph. You still need to wear your aligners for the majority of the day, but having a little bit of extra flexibility with your treatment can help life go on completely uninterrupted by your treatment.