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    Are veneers in Birmingham the best solution for me?

    If you are experiencing a broken or chipped tooth then this could be the best solution for you. Maybe you have severe discolouration on your teeth, or an uneven colouring which displeases you when you smile, and different whitening techniques haven’t been able to fix it. Often teeth can develop with gaps between them or not grow to full size, or maybe your teeth are an unusual shape or too pointy. All of these common issues can be hidden by having dental veneers fitted in Birmingham.

    The biggest advantage of this type of cosmetic dental treatment is to improve the aesthetics of your teeth, enabling you to have a brighter smile. This can really boost your confidence in both your social and work life.

    What do they look like?

    If you opt for this type of treatment, you will have thin, tooth coloured shells attached to the surface of your teeth in order to instantly improve their appearance. The shells are made of porcelain or resin-composite materials and your dentist will permanently bond them to your teeth so that you don’t need to worry about them falling out of your mouth.

    It is possible to have just one veneer fitted if you only have one problem tooth that needs fixing, but often people may have several fitted during their lifetime so that their teeth all look the same and create a balanced and symmetrical smile. It is usually the top front teeth that people choose to have them fitted to, as these are the most noticeable when you smile.

    Are there different treatment types?

    Traditional treatment involves the tooth structure being ground down so that some of the tooth is removed. This procedure can’t be reversed and can be painful, meaning a local anaesthetic will probably be needed.

    However, there are also methods referred to as ‘no-prep’. These methods take less time to apply and are less invasive and painful to fit. There will still be preliminary alterations to make before your fitting but these will be minimal, as only the enamel will be affected and no part of the tooth will be removed. This means that it won’t be painful and therefore a local anaesthetic won’t be needed.

    Is it the same as having a crown or dental implant?

    A crown differs from a veneer in the way that it covers the tooth. While a veneer is used to just cover the front surface of a tooth, a crown is used to encase the entire tooth. Dental implants aren’t needed for a veneer, as the treatment only involves fixing a covering to the front of the existing tooth and is a solution for when there is not actually a tooth missing. Dental implants are only suitable for treatment involving missing teeth.

    How long do they last?

    If good hygiene is maintained, then such a solution can last you more than a decade, creating a smile that you can be proud of, and ready to show off to all your friends and family!