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    A journey no one needs to know about

    Many adults can find it embarrassing to wear a traditional device to straighten their teeth, generally a rite of passage for teenagers needing to treat a malocclusion. As patients grow up and create an image for themselves both socially and in the business sector, they may find it difficult to be able to express themselves professionally with such a device for such a long period of time.

    This is one of the many reasons why invisible braces in Barnsley are such a major success. People are never too old for braces and it is certainly a growing trend that adults are looking to permanently fix their teeth for better oral health and an improved smile.

    It can admittedly be more difficult to correct misaligned teeth in adults whose jawbone has stopped growing and set. It therefore may take slightly longer for the treatment to work than if it were done as a child. Interestingly however, as adults tend to take more care of their straightening devices and follow recommendations more strictly, the pros and the cons tend to weigh each other out.

    By creating a product that specifically works on the needs of the patient rather than fixing all of the issues concerning the alignment of the teeth and jaw, the length in treatment time can also be greatly reduced. Many patients find that their treatment lasts around a year and due to the discreet nature of the product, they are happy to take that journey to more beautiful and healthy teeth.

    How does it work?

    Clear aligners are celebrated by millions of satisfied patients already and the company responsible, Invisalign, work hard to listen to the feedback from both patients and dentists. They constantly improve their models and the systems in place, to create the aligner trays that are available.

    By employing innovative scanners to digitally create a model of the patient’s mouth, dentists are able to avoid using fiddly and uncomfortable manual putty to create moulds that trays would then be created from.

    Technology will always be more precise and exact than any human hand, so by employing this technology, patients know that they are receiving the most precise and comfortable fit imaginable.

    Dentists can combine their expertise with the available technology to create a bespoke service for each and every one of their patients. It is exciting to watch the transformation happen before their very eyes, especially with the visual simulation that patients can use to watch and monitor their own progress,

    Having a smile that a person is happy to share is important not only for their own self-esteem, but for their health as well. A straight smile is easier to keep clean and less likely to be seriously damaged in the case of an injury. When a person feels confident enough to smile, they are able to put their best foot forward and potentially take opportunities that may not have been offered to them before. Most people only wish they had had their treatment sooner, so waste no more time thinking about it; come in for a consultation today.