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    A guide to dental implants

    People who are considering dental implants Brentwood will have a range of questions. What are they exactly, and what are they for?  How can they help to improve one’s oral health? Is it worth getting this treatment done? For those who are suffering from having a missing tooth or teeth, it can be a distressing and concerning experience. Fortunately, help is at hand to ensure that the issue is resolved and the patient can regain their self-confidence and smile with relative ease.

    Dental implants

    By opting for a dental implant through or a similar dental portal, you can replace a missing tooth or teeth. The implants are generally composed of titanium, which is a highly durable material that is compatible with human tissues. This material is shaped into a screw which takes the place of the natural root of the tooth. This screw is affixed to a person’s jawbone.

    A treatment the patient can rely on

    Implants have been established as a safe and effective treatment to help patients with a missing tooth or teeth for many years, so people can feel confident about having this kind of help with their smile. As with natural teeth, there is no guarantee that they will last forever.  However, if implants are well cared for and the patient ensures that they look after their oral health in general they can last for many years.

    It is worth noting that, much like natural teeth, implants can deteriorate in quality if they are not looked after properly. The risk of gum infection will increase if the patient does not ensure that they brush and floss the teeth on a regular basis. The impact of this can affect the mouth as a whole, not just the area of the implant.

    Does it hurt?

    The patient should not feel any pain during the procedure of getting the implant fitted. This is because local anaesthesia is used to numb the area. There may be some discomfort after treatment, but this should resolve within a relatively short period of time.

    Can anyone get implants?

    Every case is different. The dentist assesses each patient on an individual basis in order to ascertain if implants are the most appropriate form of treatment. The health of a person’s jawbone is an important factor in suitability for implants; so the dentist will conduct an examination to ascertain this before making any recommendations.

    What happens after getting an implant?

    The implant will take time to become fused with the patient’s jawbone. This varies on an individual basis, but it is usually a few months before the next step can be completed. Once the dentist is happy to confirm that fusion has occurred, they can then fit the false tooth or teeth with relative ease.

    Having a missing tooth or teeth can have a significant impact on a person’s confidence, therefore it is important to resolve this with expert help. Implants can allow the patient to feel good about their smile again, and they can even help to maintain a more youthful appearance. This is a treatment that can have a dramatic impact on how the patient feels about themselves, as well as helping to improve their physical health.