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    4 Fashion Tips For a Job Interview

    Attending a job interview is something that can start to get your second guessing yourself before you even walk out the door.  You want to make the best first impression that you possibly can, therefore everything is important to consider, from the details of your resume to the last details of your appearance.

    Choosing something to wear can start to stress you out since you want to make sure that you look the part.  However, it doesn’t have to be a stressful thing.  All it takes is knowing the basics of how to achieve the look that you want to convey.  You want to appear professional, confident, and capable.  Here are the best ways to make that impression in a job interview.

    Minimal Makeup

    Showing up to a job interview with heavy makeup is something that isn’t recommended.  Even though you may have a dramatic and exaggerated style in real life which you and your friends appreciate, it’s generally a good idea to keep your look basic at a job interview.

    This isn’t to say that you should change your look completely.  You can still keep the essence of your personal style, just try to keep it toned to a professionally appropriate level.

    Invest In a Quality Outfit

    Putting some money into buying an interview outfit which looks smart and topnotch will be well worth the investment.  Buy something that makes you feel confident and ready to take on the job.

    When you feel good and professional in what you wear to your interview you will exude that confidence.

    Make sure that it’s well made and put together.  After all, if your attire looks like it was haphazardly thrown together, any potential employer will see this as a potential reflection of your work style.

    Hair Up

    While hair down isn’t a no-no, when it comes to corporate fashion, generally hair pulled back is a professional look.  Having it clean and slicked-back looks tidy and neat.

    Wearing your hair down is fine if you have a short hairstyle or cut or it’s very straight and/or styled, however putting it up is ideal.

    Wear Flats

    Wearing very high heels to an interview can not only look less professional, but it can even be a walking hazard.  No one wants to fall when they are trying to make a good impression at an interview.

    Try to choose a shoe which is sensible and won’t make you feel uncomfortable or potentially affect your walking.  You want to enter the interview with confidence and not worrying about potentially hurting yourself. The only thing that should be on your mind is how great you feel about getting the job.