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    Wow, what a lovely smile!” “My dentist in Soho gave me that.”

    Wow, what a lovely smile!” Words that we are all proud to hear. There is no reason why you cannot enjoy that sort of comment. This practice is proud of their signature smile makeovers. Their team of “smile providers” will give you a warm and friendly welcome when you come into their modern dental surgery. You may come without a smile but it is their goal to help you to leave with a smile.

    It’s all about you

    For many years dentistry was all about treating patients when a condition had already manifested and required reactive treatment. Today, the mission is to prevent you from having to make dental visits other than your routine twice yearly visits. The hygienists at this practice are here to clean your teeth, ridding them of damaging plaque. They also have a wealth of knowledge and are trained to guide you in the correct way to brush your teeth and to maintain healthy gums.

    Let’s start early!

    If you are a parent, you should introduce your children to the dental surgery as early as possible. Bringing them in early allows them to become comfortable in the environment of the dental surgery which should help them to overcome any dental anxiety when they are older. Education of both children and adults is another area where this practice’s hygienists are invaluable. Their goal is to help you keep your teeth for your entire lifetime.

    In pain, give them a call!

    Being a dentist in Soho means that you can always rely on them even in the event of an emergency, just give them a call.  It may seem like something simple but it is always better to give them a call, that’s why they are here, for you!

    Range of treatments

    This practice offers more than extractions and fillings and they recognise the needs of their modern day dental patient. Teeth whitening has become a very popular treatment with the advent of the smartphone. Because we are all individuals, this dental team designs each teeth whitening solution to suit individual patients. Your gums are very sensitive and you don’t want to use a solution that causes irritation or damage to your gums. When it comes to correcting misaligned teeth they use the latest orthodontic equipment to straighten your teeth. If you have teeth that are showing signs of staining, chips or cracks their team can provide dental veneers to give you back an even smile. For missing teeth they have a highly competent team who can provide you with a permanent solution using dental implants. This procedure uses a technique which is based on the way that your natural teeth work. Your normal teeth are anchored into your jawbone by a root and dental implants anchor a post into your jaw and mould and colour a crown to mimic your natural teeth. There is no need to remove your teeth at night as with dentures or have adjacent teeth damaged to support a bridge. Dental implants stand on their own just like your normal teeth.

    Looking for non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatment?

    Using their training and knowledge in anatomy, they can provide their patients with some aesthetic pampering. In their safe treatment rooms their trained clinicians will help you achieve that youthful appearance that you desire. You will not only get the, “wow, what a lovely smile,” comment because of your beautiful teeth, but also because of your youthful appearance.