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    What treatments are available to correct crooked adult teeth?

    Patients searching for a cosmetic dentist in Southampton, and other areas, will be pleased to know that there are several treatments available that can correct crooked or overlapping teeth. Children with misaligned teeth are provided with metal braces that are rather noticeable. Adult patients however have access to more discreet teeth-straightening methods, which can provide results quickly.

    Clear braces

    A popular option for patients with crooked teeth is to have clear braces made that will move teeth into the correct position. Invisalign is a treatment that uses removable braces to straighten teeth and allows patients to be less self-conscious than if they chose to wear metal braces and brackets. An impression is taken of the teeth which is then used to make custom-made aligners that are replaced every few weeks. These aligners gradually move the teeth into their final position. Once the treatment has finished, patients are given the option of having a fixed retainer attached to the back of their teeth or, if they prefer they can receive a clear, removable retainer to maintain the final position of their teeth. Speaking with a professional such as Dr. Peter Brawn will help you when making a decision, so you can get all the facts.


    Comprising thin porcelain sheets, veneers can cover stained or damaged teeth and can also serve to correct the appearance of crooked teeth. Many patients often prefer opting for veneers (from Aurora Dental Group- a dental clinic Red Deer) as the treatment requires only a little preparation of their own teeth and can be conducted quickly. Veneers can be used to disguise one or many teeth giving them a beautiful white and straight appearance.

    Composite bonding

    This treatment involves applying tooth-coloured composite resin directly onto the teeth and using it to reshape one or more teeth. Some patients like this treatment as it does not involve drilling into the tooth like other treatments and it can be reversed should this be required. In order to receive this treatment, the patient will need to have sufficient tooth enamel on their teeth and have good oral health. So, patients should first consult a dentist with expertise in restorative dentistry in Queens (or an area near them). The specialists can help assess the state of their teeth and provide an ideal solution. If the dentist gives them a green signal for composite bonding, they can proceed with the process. It is a good option as it can be repaired as well. Unlike veneers that would need to be replaced if damaged. However, the material does not last as long as veneers and can be affected by a patient’s eating, drinking, and smoking habits.

    Missing teeth

    It may be the case that teeth are not just crooked, but a patient may also have teeth missing entirely. There are many different treatments available to help these patients, including dental bridges, dentures and implants. Dental implants are an excellent option for those that want a more permanent treatment than dentures. The implant acts as the root of the tooth and is attached to the patient’s jawbone. Prosthetic teeth can then be attached to the implant as can dental bridges. Dental implants can last for the duration of the patient’s life and the prosthetics for many years, making it a wise investment for those with one or more missing teeth. Patients that are considering any type of cosmetic dentistry should ensure treatment is conducted at a reputable clinic by an accredited and qualified dental practitioner.