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    Unsure whether to go locally or abroad for dental care?

    Smile makeovers are all the rage, and designing the right smile for themselves can be a confusing and difficult experience for a patient without the guidance of experienced dentists who offer a high quality dental treatment in Hungary.

    What patients need to be aware of is that their face is unique and that a standard, ‘one size fits all’ approach does not match with every person’s outlook. A smile needs to be as unique as each person is, whilst being functional, healthy and appealing.

    It is true that first impressions do count and that people judge one another on the appearance of their teeth. Missing teeth, crooked teeth or badly stained teeth can lead people to believe that the individual is less attractive, less trustworthy and less intelligent.

    Needless to say that a not-so-perfect smile can seriously damage a person’s self-confidence, leading them not to want to put themselves out there as much, or smile in public as freely as they should. This can further contribute to missed opportunities in their social, business and love lives.

    Cosmetic dentists are driven by a different force to dentists who work with restorative procedures. They need to have an eye for detail and beauty whereas other dentists may be more attracted to the technical aspects of the work.

    By listening to the advice and expertise that a cosmetic dentist has to offer, patients may very well gain an understanding of what best suits their looks and what they are hoping to achieve. Modern technology has even enabled dentists to be able to ‘model a smile’ on a patient, so that they can essentially try before they buy!

    How is this possible?

    At the initial consultation, a dentists will sit down with their patients and have a discussion about what they really want to receive out of their time spent in Hungary. They will go over all of the influential factors, specific to the patient’s characteristics. In other words, both patient and cosmetic dentist will work together to develop a treatment plan that will specifically meet the needs and desires of the patient.

    Once agreed upon, a temporary wax up can be applied to the mouth using temporary veneers or crowns so that a patient can model the new design in their own mouth so that they can have a realistic expectation and visual understanding of what they should come to expect from the final result.

    The temporary overlays can be changed to suit the patient in order to create that perfect smile that they seek. Once both dentist and patient is happy, then the transformation can begin. It is only at this stage the permanent treatment starts.

    This way of going about the treatment plan gives patients full control over their smile, so that they know what to expect and how the procedure is likely to proceed. This enables them to enjoy the journey to a more confident version of themselves with a more beautiful smile to boot.