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    How do straight teeth offer benefits to health?

    Apart from dental professionals, many may not be aware of how extraordinarily life-changing straightening misaligned teeth with braces Windsor can be. Yes, straight teeth are a major influence on physical attractiveness, but the magical effects of an aligned dental arch do not stop there. Straight teeth also make a significant contribution to good health (including dental, physical and psychosocial) in a number of ways.

    The interconnection between straight teeth and overall health

    The most obvious impact of straightening teeth is the positive impact on oral health. Patients, who have been struggling with poor oral hygiene, because crooked teeth or an overcrowded dental arch are both difficult to keep clean, will find that by straightening their teeth, their oral hygiene maintenance becomes easier to manage.

    It is far easier to get toothbrush bristles and floss thread into areas at the back of the mouth when there are no awkward corners to get in the way. When good oral hygiene is maintained, bad oral bacteria is kept under control and this is good news for a number of reasons. Firstly, tooth and gum integrity is protected – reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease. Secondly, not having to lose teeth to decay, means that jawbone density is preserved. And thirdly, by keeping the mouth free of dental problems and disease, one gets to retain a healthy smile.

    Another oral health benefit of straightening teeth is the alleviation of dental pain. A misaligned dental arch can cause pain when eating and speaking and even cause sleeping disturbances.

    When teeth are not easy to clean, it is no secret that oral health becomes a concern as there is an increased risk of dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease; poor oral health conditions that research studies have linked to medical conditions including heart disease.

    One study concluded that those with untreated tooth decay are 2.7 times more vulnerable to cardiovascular problems than those who sought treatment. The links between periodontal disease and heart disease have also been well established. Bad bacteria originating in the mouth have been found to clog vessels in the heart, triggering heart attacks and strokes. If your doctor suspects that you may have a heart issue, they will potentially refer you to a heart specialist like the Cardiovascular Group to check you out thoroughly and see what can be done. It is a worry when there is a problem with your heart, but early detection and treatment might be able to help you out in the long run.

    If orthodontic treatment helps manage oral hygiene better, then straightening teeth is good news indeed for heart health.

    Another important benefit orthodontic solutions provide to physical health is improved digestion. When the challenges to biting and chewing properly are removed, efficient and effective digestion can take place. Added to this is the nutrient density that can come from being able to enjoy a varied diet and not just dependence on soft foods. Better nutrient availability results in a stronger immune system to fight off illness and diseases.

    While all of the benefits listed above are indeed most noteworthy, it is the boost to psychosocial confidence that comes from an attractive smile that may be significant to most people. It is high levels of confidence that, after all, impact quality of life in a positive way. Confidence is that vital link that paves the way for success in social and professional contexts. A healthy social life and success in the workplace are two mainstays of living a rewarding life.