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    How an MBA Can Give You a Leg Up on the Competition When Searching for a Job

    Finding that perfect career is a journey. It’s a quest that often takes many false starts, a few duds along the way, and plenty of learning and action on your part. As a woman, that perfect job can sometimes feel even harder to obtain, especially if it happens to be in a traditionally male-dominated industry. The good news is that times are changing, and that’s in all senses.

    People have become smarter and job hunters have become more aware of what employers are looking for. Online tools have made it easier and faster than ever to learn about job openings and then send in an application, and even training and learning has been made easier thanks to the fact so many schools offer online degree programs.

    With that said, you may be asking yourself how necessary it is to have an MBA. Will it help you land a job any faster? Will it give you the leg up on the competition? Let’s take a closer look.

    The Unexpected Benefits of an MBA

    While many people focus on what an MBA can do for you in terms of your knowledge and skills, there is a whole other layer to the benefits of having one. Many graduates claim that it helps them in terms of building up their confidence. They feel better prepared to handle the work world, no matter what it brings their way. That boost of confidence and assuredness can be extremely helpful during a job interview, as you’ll be able to answer the questions with ease.

    They also feel it helps to add credibility to their resume and show potential employers just how serious they are, and what a hard worker they are.

    Ideal If You are Eyeing a Promotion

    If you’ve been eyeing a promotion in your current job but you feel like you keep getting passed over, an MBA can be what you need to finally get a break. With an MBA, you will be better prepared to handle the additional challenges that a promotion would bring, and again it shows your employer you are capable, confident, ready, and serious.

    It should be noted that schools such as Excelsior allow students to obtain their MBA, as well as other degrees, online so you can actually keep up with your current job while you are completing the program. The school offers online courses every eight weeks, which means there is always a course to fit your schedule even if you’re extremely busy.

    Demand that Higher Pay Grade

    With an MBA you will also be able to demand that higher pay grade, which means you are able to open the door to even more job possibilities. You are no longer considered “entry-level”, as suddenly you’ve got a lot of substance to back up your resume.

    Tipping the Scales

    Granted, an MBA isn’t the be all and end all, but at the end of the day, anything that can help tip the career scales in your favor is usually welcomed.