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    Four Degree Fields That Can Improve Entrepreneurial Success

    Recent trends clearly show that women are pursuing careers in business – both as employees and entrepreneurs alike. With women now a majority of college graduates, these trends should not be surprising. Who doesn’t want to be their own boss, set their own hours and have control over their own future?

    Many college students and graduates find themselves in positions where innovation is absolutely essential. For some, this means starting their own businesses from scratch. While many who know they want to be self-employed pursue degrees in business, there are other degree fields that can dramatically improve your chances of entrepreneurial success.

    We’ll look at four different degree fields you might not have considered that can be valuable contributors in the struggle of starting and growing your own business.


    Whether you are speaking to prospective customers, clients, vendors or investors, communicating in an effective manner makes all the difference. A degree in communications can help improve your professionalism in meaningful situations and ultimately enhance the image of your business.

    While many people pursue communications degrees with the intent of pursuing journalism or public relations careers, the value it provides to businesses is just as palpable. From knowing how to properly craft press releases to managing a professional tone and demeanor in formal situations, a communications degree is a definite plus.


    There isn’t a single business on the face of the planet that cannot benefit from a comprehensive marketing strategy. An entire industry exists to help businesses optimize their content, pitches, and offerings in order to ensure better reception from the public. Any entrepreneur that possesses the talent to DIY this part of the start-up process can benefit greatly.

    Whether you’re designing social media ad campaigns, refining mailers or optimizing content for search engines, a marketing background is extremely valuable to new businesses and their potential.


    Conveying exactly what you mean is a definite requirement in the world of business. Especially in the beginning, entrepreneurs are tasked with juggling virtually every aspect of the business’ operations. Being able to easily convey meaning in a professional manner can dramatically improve the viability of any marketing or business pitch.

    English majors possess the skills necessary to refine everything from packaging and press releases to web content and ad copy. Interested in pursuing an English degree? Check out for scholarship and internship opportunities.

    Computer Engineering

    Whether your business is a brick-and-mortar entity, based entirely online, or you are planning on bridging the gap between both, a degree in computer engineering can be very beneficial. From building the perfect website to designing programs that can handle elements of customer service, procurement, and order status, computer engineers are valuable assistants for most major businesses.

    Possessing the skills and knowledge that come with this degree will allow your business to expand and refine its operations, ultimately generating a greater number of sales and more visibility.

    There are many unique skills that can be useful in improving a new business’ day-to-day operations. These four degrees, in particular, all offer unique value in improving and establishing a business: if you are planning on opening a business in the future or simply want to enhance your current business with continued education, then consider one of these degrees!