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    Dentist Richmond over two decades of service to the community

    There is nothing more rewarding for a dentist Richmond than having patients recommend family and friends to the practice. For more than twenty five years, their current principal has taken care of the families that make up the local community. They have designed their uncluttered surgery to provide an inviting and calming environment for their patients. There are still many patients today who experience dental anxiety and they work hard to make these patients feel comfortable. For two decades they have welcomed patients and provided them with a high level of oral treatment. The fact that patients recommend this practice is testimony to the high level of service offered by the friendly dental team.

    A dynamic team

    Over the two decades that they have served this community they have developed sound and solid relationships with their patients. Modern dentistry demands a progressive attitude and their dynamic team has this quality in abundance. Over the decades they have assembled a team that has the precise mix of dental experience and empathy that is required in a twenty-first century dental practice.

    Preventive dentistry

    In the past, dentistry was more reactive than it is today. Prevention is now an important factor in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease. As a team of dentists and hygienists, they place a lot of emphasis on the correct technique used to brush and floss correctly and regularly. Regular six monthly dental surgery visits are a vital part of preventive dentistry. Attending regular dentist visits will help to reduce the overall visits that you will have to make over your lifetime. Over the decades, patients have brought in their children from a young age to acclimatise them to the environment of this dental surgery. Their warm, friendly staff welcome children and help them to relax and feel comfortable. All of this is part of the process of helping them to outgrow any dental anxiety as they mature.

    A team for all dental reasons

    The well balanced team at Sheen Dental have all the necessary skills, expertise, knowledge and equipment to deal with all your dental requirements. In addition, if you need emergency dental treatment, they have catered for this eventuality. Accidents do happen and toothache can be extremely debilitating. They provide emergency appointments and all you have to do is pick up the phone and call. It doesn’t matter how old you are or the treatment that you require, they want to put a smile back on your face. So if it’s a simple teeth whitening procedure or a more complex replacement of a lost tooth by dental implant they will sort it out for you. If you have malocclusion and want a consultation on how they can help straighten your teeth, they have the latest equipment to put a broad, confident smile on your face. Straight teeth will help you to chew your food properly and will also enhance your oral hygiene.

    Same day facial treatments

    If you want to soften those facial lines, this experienced, familiar team can perform non-surgical facial treatments in their safe treatment rooms.