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    Bespoke dental websites with the 7Ps of dental marketing

    Good dental websites can do wonders for the success of dental practices. It is important that you have a modern and bespoke dental website for your dental practice to help market your treatments and procedures in the overcrowded field of dentistry. With everyone offering similar treatments and procedures, the most effective way for patients to find out more about you and why you are different from the other dental practices in your area is through your website.

    Most dental practices have dental websites as part of their marketing campaigns and so to make sure that your website can be differentiated from these other websites you need to speak to an award-winning digital dental marketing team who specialises in dental websites and digital marketing campaigns. They will have good expertise about the best plan and strategy to implement to boost your website. It is a gradual and it will take some time to see the results. Therefore, you will need the help of dental seo agency to optimize your page. These days, it is so needed to have your brand and in professions, like dentistry, it’s not that easy to stand out. But with online platforms, you can show your clients the before and after results to convince them to get your services.

    Consider why people do not want to visit a dentist. Consider all the reasons and target that audience. Many people fear visiting the dentist because of many reasons, the most prevalent is injections. You can show that your service will help them get the best appearance and talk about how people’s lives transformed tremendously. This will convince people to want to visit your dentist. There is one dentist on Youtube, who treats only children and they showed how they interact and make the kids comfortable during the treatment. This has garnered many parents’ and children’s attention and has a good brand image online.

    What are the 7Ps of dental marketing?

    One of the best ways to create a successful dental website is to use the 7Ps of the dental marketing approach. This is a tried and tested method of dental marketing that has helped see the success of over 1000 dental websites in the last two decades. The 7Ps of dental marketing address the most important aspects of your dental practice. It makes sure that your website includes all the information necessary for patients to learn about their dental needs and why they should address them with your dental practice and not the other practices in your area. Speak to your specialist dental marketing team today to find out more about what this means for you.

    Your marketing team will use the 7Ps of dental marketing to find out everything they need to know about you and your business. They will begin by finding out about the profile of your dental practice. This includes basic information such as your name and who you are and what sets you apart from the other dental practices in your area. It also includes the branding itself making sure that it is memorable and engaging, encouraging patients to address their dental needs with you.


    The 7Ps of dental marketing include information on you and the other people in your dental team. This includes information on your education, qualification and experience. It includes information on the quality of dental care that you are able to provide in the form of successful before and after pictures backed up using patient testimonials. You can also include video messages to help patients familiarise themselves with your face and voice before approaching you in person. You also need to include pictures and videos to showcase the dental practice itself and the technology that you have to offer your patients. A 3-dimensional tour is another excellent way of allowing patients to see what the practice has to offer. It is important to make sure that the surroundings are professional yet comforting and luxurious at the same time, welcoming patients to address their dental needs here

    Speak to your digital marketing team today and find out more about creating a bespoke and highly personalised dental website for your dental practice with the 7Ps of dental marketing.