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    Are you a personal representative for an estate? Get a probate solicitor!

    If you have been made a personal representative of an estate following the death of a loved one, it can be an overwhelming and emotional time, particularly as there are legal requirements that are placed on you in your role, when you are feeling bereaved. The process can be a long and winding road that can make it even more distressing, when you just want to grieve. Thankfully, with the support of a probate solicitor Emsworth you won’t need to struggle and navigate your way through a legal minefield. By seeking the support of a solicitor, they can take much of the burden off your shoulders.

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    What does a personal representative have to do?

    If you are the personal representative of a deceased’s estate, you will normally first need to apply for a grant of representation. There are exceptions to this if the estate is very simple to resolve, however, it is more often the case that a grant is required. This is where it is most beneficial to have a legal expert to help you through the process and to deal with the estate accordingly. 

    When a personal representative has the grant, it is their job to ensure that any outstanding debts on the estate are settled, as well as handling any tax implications as well. Once everything is in order, the estate must be distributed according to any will that has been made or following intestacy rules. This can be a very challenging and distressing process for those who are not experienced in legal matters.

    How a probate solicitor can help

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    From the outset, a probate lawyer can organise the legal documents that are required for applying for the grant of representation, leaving you free to grieve with your friends and family. They will also organise the financial implications of the estate, arranging for any outstanding debts and taxes to be paid, for example. They will also then organise the distribution of the estate according to the will that has been made, or they will advise you on what will happen under intestacy rules if a will hasn’t been made. This is vital in ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are met, if a will was made, or enabling the estate to be distributed in accordance with the law.

    Getting the help you need

    If you are considering making a will, a probate solicitor will also be able to assist with this. It is really important to consider what would happen to your children if you have any dependents if you did not make a will, for example. Making plans for your own death can be upsetting, but it is wise to consider the impact not doing so could have on those whom you love and care for. 

    With a probate solicitor, you can feel confident that the process of dealing with a loved one’s estate will be as easy as possible and it is perhaps crucial when you are upset and grieving to get the legal help that you need.