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    A brief history of jute bags and how to incorporate them into your business

    Whilst it may not get as much attention as the famous wheel, the invention of the bag has had an indisputable effect on the course of human evolution. However, early examples were not the robust jute bags we know today, they were made of some pretty sturdy animal skins.

    Bags have helped humans from the foraging and hunter-gather stage, right through to the transportation of goods and commodities. The progression has led to the jute bags and other environmentally friendly options we use in our supermarkets today.

    The early use of jute to transport goods in the colonial era 

    Whilst you may view jute as a high-quality item today, this was not always the case. Early historical records indicate that villagers use to wear and use products made from jute in India. Some records also indicate its use in textile production as early as the times of the Indus Valley Civilisation.

    Throughout the colonial period, Jute became a material prised by the British. It was used in the military and led to many ‘jute barons’ developing vast wealth through trade of the commodity. 

    Jute in modern times After the end of World War 2, the control over the jute went by in large back to India and Bangladesh. Jute bags continued to be manufactured as they were great at transporting commodities like coffee and sugar. With the development of modern synthetic fibres, jute bags started to be used as ‘green bag for life’ alternatives to try and clean up the environment. 

    Jute bags as we know them today 

    Whilst the fundamental materials used in jute have remained the same, the way we produce products has experienced increased technical innovation. We are able to spin the jute into finer sheets which increases their durability. The finer material also means we can print more elaborate designs onto them, increasing their marketing potential.

    The market for jute has grown far beyond India with well-respected manufacturers across the globe. The sizeable retail industry in the UK means you can find plenty of suppliers who will develop the best printed jute bags for your business.