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    3 Ways To Establish Yourself As A Force In The Workplace

    As a woman in the workplace, it can be hard to get yourself taken seriously sometimes, especially if you’re working in a male-dominated field. So once you’ve landed the job and have worked past any discrimination that may have taken place, be it implicit or explicit, it’s important that you know what to do next in order to ensure that those within your company and that you work with trust and respect the work that you do.

    To help you overcome any hurdles to this that you might currently be facing, here are three ways you can establish yourself as a force within the workplace.

    Learn How To Take More Risks

    While you shouldn’t take risks just for the sake of being risky, it is smart to learn how to work outside your comfort zone if you’re wanting to leave your mark on your company.

    According to Ellevate and, only by pushing past your previous limits and thinking about problems in a new and different way will you be able to stand out among the rest of your coworkers, be them men or women alike. So while you might not necessarily enjoy taking a step into the dark and trusting in your own abilities in the face of the unknown, this could get you positioned perfectly to show what you’re really made of.

    Speak With Confidence And Authority

    When you think or feel that those around you don’t respect you, it’s easy for you to lose confidence in yourself. But if you’re wanting to be taken seriously at your job, you have to prove that you deserve to be taken seriously and that you take yourself seriously.

    As part of this, Avery Blank, a contributor to, suggests that you work on speaking with more confidence and authority. Try to slow down when addressing a group or people that might intimidate you. This will give your voice some power and will help to keep you from fumbling over your own words.

    Don’t Worry About People Who Have No Power Over You

    While almost everyone wants to be liked by those they work with, having everyone like, respect, or appreciate you in the workplace is a tough ask for anyone.

    So before you start stressing over every little perceived slight that you notice, Meera Jagannathan, a contributor to Market Watch, advises that you only spend your time worrying about how those you have power over your professional future see you. Focus your energy on impressing your boss with your knowledge and skills rather than worrying about how the person in the cubicle across from yours gives you the stink eye sometimes.

    If you’re ready to take your place within your company as a strong and successful part of your organization, consider using the tips mentioned above to help get you there.