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    3 Tips For Finding The Right Business Mentor For Your Professional Life

    Having a successful career takes more than just having talent or getting lucky. For so many people, having the right connections and building relationships with the right people can truly make or break your career. One way you can further these connections and build more beneficial relationships is by getting the help of a mentor.

    If you can find someone who’s willing to give you advice, guidance, and assistance when you need it, your professional life could take off. So to help you find the right person to fill this role, here are three tips for finding a business mentor for your professional life.

    Find Someone With A Similar Attitude As You

    Looking for a mentor means that you’re looking for someone that you can learn and grow with. As such, it is extremely beneficial if you are able to find a mentor (such as Chance Welton, read more about him here: who shares your mindset, and with whom you have a sense of synergy. By doing this, you will be able to make wise business decisions and grow your business in a shorter amount of time.

    According to Nathalie Lussier of the Young Entrepreneur Council with Small Business Trends, you should try to find someone who can understand you, where you’ve been, and where you want to go. If this person has had a similar journey as the one you’re setting out on, their information and connections could be invaluable to you.

    Don’t Limit Yourself To Someone In Your Field

    When you’re on the hunt for a professional mentor, you might be thinking that you have to find someone who’s in the same business as you or has done the same exact work that you’re looking to accomplish. While this past could give you some benefit, it’s not necessary in order for you to find a great mentor.

    What’s more important, according to Lily Herman, a contributor to The Muse, is that you’re able to find someone who can guide the spirit of your career in the right direction. If you’re able to find this person within your field, that’s great. But if the person you feel most connected to in a mentorship way has business experience that’s not directly related to what you’re doing, they can still serve as a superb mentor to you.

    Try To Give Them Something In Return

    While your search for a mentor might be primarily fixated on how this person could help you further your career or enable you to grow more professionally, you should also be looking for ways that you can give your mentor something in return.

    According to Karen Gilchrist, a contributor to CNBC, it’s important that there be give and take in your mentorship relationship. So while it might not be obvious now, try to find ways that you can add value back to your mentor when possible.

    If you’re wanting to find a mentor to help with your professional career, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you discover this perfect person for you.