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Payday Loans Don’t Pay

In case you’re fortunate, you won’t not be acquainted with the expression “payday advance”. A payday credit is provided by an outsider loan specialist and it should enable customers to escape a minute ago monetary sticks by

Bank ‘has no veto’ over London Stock Exchange merger

The government has given its tacit support to the controversial £21 billion merger of the London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse, saying that the Bank of England did not have the legal authority to block the deal

Banks keep closing branches, but we’re still not switching

News about high street bank branches is not usually good, but this week there was a rare ray of light. Nationwide, a building society that offers current account banking, is to open a branch in the Somerset

Banking’s new odyssey

Can traditional lenders make it to the final digital frontier — or will niche fintech firms crack open their world, asks Niall Brady.

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