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How to Succeed in Business as a Woman

I was disappointed when I discovered that there were only six women listed among Forbes 70 most powerful people worldwide. It also saddens me to think that women earn considerably less than their male counterparts, even though

What Are Juco Bags and Why Should You Use Them?

More and more people are becoming aware of the problems that come along with using single-use plastic bags. As such, a whole host of eco-friendly bagging materials have experienced a surge in popularity. Businesses can now choose

Oil, commodities and Brexit drag down FTSE

The usual negatives were weighing on UK stocks during early trading on Friday; fears of Brexit and lower oil and commodities prices.

UK small businesses flying high after Brexit

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has not dented business confidence among SMEs and may actually be a positive development for small businesses, the head of a London-based private equity company has said.

Hidden fees for money transfers cost small business ‘£4bn a year’

The government pledged transparency in international payments, but there is no sign of action.

The squeezed middle must pay more tax

As the cost of looking after an ageing population soars, we need to get more money from the industrious middle-aged.

Bad news for robots — they should pay tax too, says Gates

Mankind may have a deadly weapon to combat the rise of the machines: a tax bill.

Who is responsible for paying council tax?

Liability for council tax arises under Section 6 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.

How to pay less for your mortgage

The base rate cut has put lenders in the mood to be generous. Here’s how borrowers can find the best cheap deal.

Your new current account could cost you a mortgage

A couple almost lost their dream home when advice from Halifax dealt a blow to their credit score.

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